We understand that you want to know what’s in this month’s box. Well, we’re not going to tell you, because the surprise is half of the fun! But we want you to have an idea of what you’re getting into, so here are some examples of past Date Box Themes. If you go into these with an open mind, you will not only have a blast, but you will connect in new ways which makes for an Awesome Date Night!

Escape Room / Mystery

Upon opening this Date Night Box you suddenly realized that half of the products were locked. You and your partner had to find clues among the remaining items in the box to crack the code! Got stuck? You could text a message to us for additional hints! There was also an escape room and some additional mysteries to solve along with snacks. Even Sherlock Holmes would have enjoyed this Date Night Experience!

Time Machine

We went Back to the Future with products from the 1980s and 90s! Trivia, Orange Julius, Name the Celebrity childhood star, among other classic products from a few decades ago made this date night a hit!

Cranial Couples

This date night box included fun products and snacks surrounding a Brain Games theme. Games, puzzles, couple challenges, classic brain teasors and a brain gender test were all part of the fun!


You and your partner found the explorer in you and in each other during this Date Night Experience! From Lewis and Clark to Huckleberry Taffy, there was good times exploring with each other!


Being stuck on a lost island is where you start! Good thing your brought your Date Night Box of goodies
including Pineapple snacks, beverages with drink umbrellas, message in a bottle and pirate games and more to turn this lost island into a vacation getaway!

Good Day Mates!

We headed over the big pond to England to enjoy this Date Night Experience! From naming monuments to enjoying food and entertainment from England our couples felt like they got to experience a little bit of the British culture without having to catch a plane!

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