Meet the Dating Divas!
January 22nd, 2018 By

The Dating Divas are a team dedicated to saving marriages, one date at a time and they are oh so good at it! We both believe in taking a proactive approach to investing in your relationship which is why we have become referral partners!

Who are they? They are an online community where spouses can read up on creative date ideas, shop for inexpensive must-have products, interact with other members in the community and more. Basically, every Monday they offer a cool date for the upcoming weekend and throughout the week share advice and other ideas.

They don’t just write about dates. They cover topics of gifts, parties, anniversaries, holidays, and how to save a marriage. They also share their favorite everyday products for those of you who are interested in new face wash or moisturizer! It’s fun and entertaining to navigate around the site and read the articles! You can hear their personality in their writing and its bubbly and makes you happy!

Since we are a resource to helping strengthen marriages, they wrote an article about us and our monthly subscriptions and included a special coupon! You can check out what they had to say here: