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Over… Next

It’s Over, What’s Next?

Have you ever had a big event in your life that was awesome, but left you feeling depressed because it was over?

Conversely, have you ever had something happen between you and your partner that left you feeling angry, unappreciated or resentful?

Although very different, both of these scenarios can have a negative impact on you and those around you. So what’s one to do? I suggest taking the advice of 94 year-old Norman Lear, famed producer of shows such as All in the Family, Good Times and The Jeffersons.

During his recent appearance on NPR’s, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!, Norman shared advice centered around 2 simple words: Over and Next. “When something is over, it is over. And we are on to next.” he stated. What great advice that can make a huge impact on your mindset and on the quality of your everyday life!

Without going into detail, I once carelessly ruined a new outfit my wife bought to wear that afternoon at a friends wedding. Although disappointed for a moment, my wife considered it over and we went on to have a great time at the wedding. How awesome on her part!

When we returned from our grand family vacation to Florida, we were all sad that it was Over. But we decided to enjoy today and anticipate all the great things that were coming Next!

Mr. Lear went on to say that “If there were to be a hammock in the middle between Over and Next, that would be what is meant by living in the moment.”

Consider this next time you are holding a grudge, or are a bit sad of something being over. Look to Next and enjoy this moment!