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6 Ideas for the Perfect Surprise for Your Spouse

Any little surprise can keep that love alive and that fire burning. Surprises remind your partner of your affection for them and they can spice up any relationship. When was the last time you surprised your spouse? We came up with some of our favorite ways to surprise and be surprised that you can use.

1. Tickets

What is his favorite sports game? What is her favorite band? Any event that you both might enjoy is the perfect gift for your partner. If your spouse has had a rough day at work or a long and stressful week, you can cheer them up and turn that frown upside down with a pair of tickets. Or for an even bigger surprise, you can make sure that he or she has nothing going on and bring them directly to their favorite event!


2. Something They Love That They Know You Don’t


This one is simple. Nothing says “I love you” more than to give your partner something they love that you don’t. Relationships have flaws and we understand that sometimes we don’t see eye to eye with each other. This is a surprise that can really help strengthen your relationship because it shows that you are willing to put your spouse first sometimes even though you may not enjoy or agree with what it is.

3. Dinner

dinner for two

The best part about surprises is that they don’t have to be over the top. It could be as simple as making your spouse’s favorite meal before they get home! They would love the surprise of walking through the door, only to see a home cooked meal and your smiling face.

4. A Massage


This is one is free! You could be watching a movie or sitting together after dinner and you could impress your spouse with an intimate and relaxing shoulder massage.

5. Visit Their Work With Lunch!

lunch pack

Visiting your spouse at work even for a brief minute to say “hi” and to drop off their lunch shows that you took time out of your day to see them and also it reminds them of your support!

6. Unbox Love!

Unbox Love date night box

That’s right! It’s the date that comes every month. Sometimes we don’t have time for that special night with that special someone. It’s simple and it doesn’t break your bank. It’s the monthly surprise that you and your spouse can enjoy together.