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Top 10 FUN Ways To Impress Your Partner!

Continued from part 1- The top 5 ways to impress your partner!

#5- Pick them up a gift card and then leave them trail of sticky notes to find it, scavenger hunt style!

#4- Tonight in bed (or while watching TV) grab their hand and give them a 10 minute forearm/hand/finger massage! Then switch arms. They will love it!

#3- Create 3 Coupons for your love on to use. Ideas: Free neck massage/ Do all the dishes/ Clean the room of your choice/ Weekend sleep-in/ Kid free time. Then place them in their work bag or somewhere they will secretly find them.

#2- Secretly set a reminder on their phone that you love them and that you are counting the minutes until you can see them again!

#1- When you are with them, be with them. Look them in the eye. Listen. Love them for who they are and for all they are! If you do, they’ll do the same for you!