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Planning Romantic Date Nights At Home

So I recently saw a video from a famous British vlogger; he surprised his wife with a special date night at home. They had a baby monitor app so they could keep an eye on their baby. He also rented a blow-up PUB with different types of alcohol. There were even bar snacks like peanuts and bar games such as pong or cards. The couple looked they were having the time of their life! (See link to the video below) So I’m not saying you have to go as far as renting a blow-up pub or making a custom bar BUT I am saying that it is easy to bring date night home. To make it easier, I’ve listed some great ideas for the perfect night.

The most important thing to remember is to have FUN! No one knows your partner better than you do so it’s important to think about what you enjoy doing together. 

1. Watch a movie together.

When I say watch a movie together, I mean really watch it. Don’t just watch tv together or multitask while you watch (work on the laptop, text friends). I want you to go to the store and buy some popcorn and candy. Treat yourselves for the night. Then, turn out all the lights and let the night play out. This is a date night that does not require a lot of planning but its fun, its simple, and its great for couples who are parents and don’t have the time to go out or plan far in advance. Another fun idea is to re-watch the first movie you ever saw together. Or one of your favorites from high school!

2. Cook a fancy meal together.

It’s a date that stays at home but allows you and your spouse to have a fun, team building experience together. You will need to decide on what you want to eat. You can choose something you both love and know how to cook or you can be bold and try something you’ve never cooked before. I suggest the latter because it’s more exciting and the anticipation and appreciation will be that much more worth it when you get to eat.

3. DIY projects

This can be anything you want it to be. There are so many fun and creative projects out there on the internet. All you have to do is look. Again, you know your partner better than anyone else. And date night is all about reconnecting with your significant other. So do they love crafty fun? Join them. It can be spontaneous, it can be your idea. Either way, crafting together can be fun for the both of you. Since this month is, in fact, October, why don’t you carve pumpkins together?? And then! You can bake the pumpkin seeds to enjoy while watching a movie!

4. Game Night.

This can involve other couples or families as well. It’s not your typical date night it is fun and brings the two of you together. You can use your power couple skills to try and beat everyone else but just a warning: I’m sure everyone else will have the same mentality.

5. Unbox Love

You could rent an expensive blow-up pub OR you could subscribe to our box subscription for a significantly lower cost. All I’m saying is that our Date Night boxes include a variety of fun for you and your partner. And half the fun is the surprise as you never know what might be next. There are cool products, snacks, games, and crafty projects for the two of you to enjoy together. We do the planning for you. It’s date nights made simple.

Also if you’d like to watch the cute video of the blow up Pub, here it is: