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What Makes A Good Date Night After You Are Married

Funny how once we get married and have kids dating takes a back seat. It shouldn’t, and we swear that it won’t, but for most of us, the truth is that it does. So how do we get back to dating when our lives are busy?

Let’s just pause for a minute and acknowledge that, yes, we are swamped. We hear you; we’re living in your shoes. We created this brand from that understanding.

Does this sound like your day, week… year:

Get up early, make breakfast, pack lunches, dress the kids, dress ourselves, drive the kids to school, rush to work, work a full day, drive home pick up the kids from school. Now it is time to make dinner, eat, take baths and get ready for bed … AND do it all over again.

Just in case you were wondering- we do realize that was a mouthful of a run on sentence but our lives are a mouthful of a run on sentence.

So how do we make time for dating with our very hectic lives? Is this possible? The truth is… YES!! You can still date and, honestly, need to if you are going to keep the love alive for 25+ years.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to do it:

1. Don’t plan your date on a Friday night.

My first tip is to skip the Friday night date night (when possible). On Friday’s you have not had a chance to recover from the week. A date on a Friday is not as relaxed as you would want it to be to connect with your spouse.

Not that weddings count as dates, but my husband and I attended a wedding on a Friday, and all of the couples with kids were yawning and wondering how we would make it through the night. This is because Friday’s after a long week are tough.

Saturdays you can sleep in (unless you have very small children) hang in there; I promise sleeping past 6:30 is in your future. Saturday’s there are practically no emails, so you’re in a better mood. On a Saturday you don’t have 30 minutes between work and a date so you can spend some time pampering yourself to look and feel great for date night (again I get it, small children, “me-time” is not far off – I promise)

2. Don’t discuss bills, or problems

Please don’t laundry list bills, or discuss family issues and just about anything that is bothering you. That is what family meetings are for (link to post). Date nights are for connecting, not fighting. Another reason to have date night on a Saturday is that you already discussed your issues that morning during family meeting time, so it is no longer in the brain.

3. Plan a Stay-date

My last advice and I promise this I do this in real life; we just stay home. My husband and I have created a home that we love. We are extremely social people, but we just love our home. Our home brings us peace and the perfect setting for great conversation, playing games, or just hanging out. Connecting without needing to spend a fortune is why we love Unbox. It makes dating simple, fun and affordable.

Dating my husband keeps our marriage strong and gives us something to laugh about during the week. Do you have any dating tips?