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No More Wine Worries

Here’s How To Choose A Great Wine

48% of American adults drink wine a few times a month, whether it’s just a glass at home or sharing a bottle at a restaurant. But knowing how to choose wine can seem confusing and difficult for beginners, from ordering at a restaurant to choosing in a supermarket. Don’t worry – if you’re worried about choosing the wrong wine for your partner or just confused about the difference between blends, you’re in the right place. Keeping things fresh with your partner can be as simple as switching up your regular wine! Below are some simple guidelines for how to choose a wine you and your partner will both enjoy.

red and white wine

A great night in with a delicious wine

Date night doesn’t have to mean a fancy restaurant – a special night at home can be just as romantic, and even more relaxing. The perfect bottle of wine over a home-cooked dinner or just a movie on the couch can be the finishing touch to a wonderful evening, so making a good choice is crucial. To pick a wine you’ll both love, you should start by thinking about each of your tastes in food: does he love the bitterness of black coffee? You should narrow your selection to the more bitter red wines: Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are perennial favorites. Does she have a sweet tooth? Consider a white or a rosé: Chardonnay or Moscato are both light and sweet. Your partner will love that you thought of them, and you’ll both enjoy the wine and the company.

beef steak with red wine

Classic candlelit restaurant dinner

Of course, date night in a restaurant is also a great way to treat your partner and get away from the worries of the day. It’s also the easiest way to start figuring out your wine preferences: not only can restaurant servers or sommeliers help you choose the best wine, picking a wine to go with a meal is much simpler than trying to figure out your preferences. The basic guideline is red wine with red meat or poultry, and white wine with fish or salad. If you want to get a little more advanced, try balancing the weight of the wine and the meal: light meals like salads should be paired with light wines like Chardonnay. Once you know those guidelines, you can start getting more particular, but here you have a great starting point.

dinner date

A good bottle of wine is a staple of date night, whether you’re staying in or going for a romantic meal. If you’re not sure of your taste in wine, it can be tough to choose, but keeping in mind a few simple guidelines for meals can help. With wine to drink at home, it’s all about your preferences: choose something you and your partner will both love, and the wine will help the date be even better. Cheers!