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Why Camping is the Perfect Dating Getaway

If you are like me and camped as a kid, you can remember all the fun times you had with your family sleeping in tents, making smores and exploring the great outdoors. Now that I am an adult and go camping myself with my husband and daughter I have a different appreciation for camping.

I am often asked why do you go camping? Don’t you prefer to stay in a hotel? Yes, but not when my intention is to go camping. Camping removes all of the clutter, and all that is left are the few bare essentials you can pack into your car. The act of living for two days or more with minimal belongings facilitates gratitude for what is truly important in life. On my last camping trip I realized to survive, we need very little, but we could not live without the love and laughs we share with our family.

So what scares people about camping? It is probably all of the prep before you head out and once you arrive at the camp ground. When we prep for our trip I make lists of clothes we will wear, the food we will eat, activities we look to do during the day and of course games and smores for our night time family gathering by an open fire.

Sometimes there is too much to think about, and I tend always to forget something even if I make a list and check it twice. Given the stress of prep and potential entertainment the Unbox team, whom all love to camp, are going to carry a little of that burden and introduce a camping box. The box comes with games, smores like you have never had, and ways for mom and dad to connect one on one.

Unbox Love camping box

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