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Summer Lovin’

Summer has arrived and with it has come a whole new window of opportunities to keep your romance fresh and fun! The cold has dissipated, the hibernation has ended and you can finally have fun outdoors! Whether you are just beginning to date or have been dating for years, warm weather always presents more possibilities for enjoying time with your special someone.


  • Mini golf
  • Beach day
  • Go on a boat
  • Berry pick
  • Stargaze
  • Mini roadtrip
  • Camping
  • Have a bonfire
  • Take a hike
  • Try something NEW
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Catch a fish
  • Run a 5K
  • Make Smores!


Mini golf is fun for all ages, so if you have kids – don’t hesitate to do this! I am never too old for a fun day of mini golf, especially when it’s a challenging course. You and your date can playfully compete against each other. At the local mini golf where I live, there is also bumper boats, a driving range, antique store and ice cream shop! How could you go wrong with any of that? You can easily lose track of time, having fun on your date.

mini golf


Beach days are great as long as you remember to bring sunscreen! Wherever you live, you can have a fun beach day date! I’ll give you some ideas; if you don’t live near the ocean – go to the local lake! Bring some burgers and chips and you can find yourselves enjoying a whole afternoon by the water, grilling and enjoying the day with your partner. If you don’t live near water at all, you can bring the beach to you! Toss on the sprinkler, water your grass and set some towels out nearby.

beach date


Berry picking is good family fun but can also be the perfect date for two! Split a container and fill up on fresh berries on a warm summer day! Then the two of you can go home and make something delicious out of your date. Make a smoothie or a pie and enjoy it for the days to come!

picking berries


Is there a fair nearby that you want to go to? What about a place you’ve been dying to go to but it’s just a little too far for a day trip? Set aside some time and money, and you and your honey can take a pleasant drive to that destination! Rent a hotel or Airbnb, or simply pack your sleeping bags and a tent! These little getaways are well worth it and are certainly ones the two of you will remember fondly.

road trip date

And there are many other fun-making ideas on our Summer Lovin Bucket List. Or come up with more of your own and share your ideas using #unboxlove. So get out there and make memories happen. But be safe and have a great summer!!

Download our summer bucket list template and get started brainstorming romantic fun together!