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Anniversary Ideas to Dazzle your Partner

Summer isn’t just wedding season, it’s Anniversary season too! And why not do something unique and fun this anniversary.

Skip the boring dinner date and try one of these!

1) Take turns planning anniversaries! Every other year you get to plan the activities and every other year you get to sit back and enjoy your partners plans! Give it a try- it’s great fun!

2) Go on an adventure! Dare to try something you’ve never done before. Hot Air balloon ride, horse ride in the mountains, dinner and drinks on a boat… Look around your area with an open mind and you will find many opportunities of fun things you’ve never tried.

3) Re-create a special event! Perhaps you could go back to the place where you first met, or to where you had your first date. Re-create your first kiss. Re-peat the proposal and tell them you would do it all over again. Visit a special place where you’ve made some great past memories. And when you are there, share and remember what it felt like.

4) Create a puzzle for your partner to solve! Ideas could range from a scavenger hunt that leads her to a thoughtful gift or leads him to a bedroom. You could create a crossword puzzle that includes words about each other and your marriage, where you met, the special song from your wedding, etc. Maybe include clues in the puzzle as to what you have planned for your anniversary! (Crossword makers are easily found online)

5) Art! Go to one of the local DIY Art businesses that will help you create pottery or make a painting. Embrace the artist in you and create something cool for your house that will be a reminder of your awesome anniversary date. (Some of these places include beverages and even dinner.) And if you can’t find a place, buy some supplies and take advantage of youtube-how-tos!

6) Get outta town! Okay this one might take a little planning, especially if kids are involved. Live in the country? Schedule a trip to a high-end hotel in the city. Live in the city? Book a B&B in the country!

7) Reminisce! Get out the photos of your wedding. Watch the video if you have one. Share things that happened that weekend that you either may have forgotten or that you never shared before. Re-live the special moments, repeat your wedding vows and share that love again.

8) Plan a mystery day for your spouse! Each new destination could be a surprise. Brunch here, road-trip there, shopping here, beach or lake next, quiet dinner for 2, concert and dancing, a stop at the comedy club… The possibilities are endless. Take some time to plan and you won’t regret it!

9) Write you partner a love note and then turn it into a song! Sing it to them on your anniversary! Okay if you are not destined for American Idol, you could write them a poem and read it to them. Or just place random love notes around that they will find throughout their day. (On the mirror, in their bag, on the steering wheel, in the fridge… you get the idea.)

10) Unforgettable Picnic! Rent your partners favorite vehicle and go for a ride. A jeep to head for the hills or a convertible to hit the highway. Pack an awesome picnic lunch and some beverages. Don’t forget the blanket and perhaps a couple pillows!

11) Head to the spa! Get a couple’s massage. Each of you pick out your favorite treatments. It’s okay to relax on your anniversary too, as you both deserve it!

12) Volunteer together! There are many opportunities to help out in the community. All are rewarding, and some can be pretty fun too!

13) Make your own romantic dinner! Not sure what to make or even how to make it? Take advantage of the new companies that send you all the ingredients for a great meal to be prepared at home. (Plated, Blue Apron etc.) Be sure to place your order a couple weeks in advance.

14) Get competitive! Play tennis, racquetball, golf. Try chess or other board games. Make some bets on the Wii. Be sure the winner gets a kiss.

15) Create a keepsake box! Put reminders of your date in it and add to it every year. (items, pictures, notes). It won’t mean much for a few years, but trust us, 10 or 20 years from now you will love looking back through it!

Finally, whatever you decide to do, either take some selfies or get someone to take pictures of you. Get a picture frame that holds several pictures and give it to them a week later. They will love you for your efforts. And remember, these things can also be done any time throughout the year. Invest in your relationship and it will make all the difference in the world!